Must Read : If you are a Writer or Publishing a Book for the First Time


If you are a writer or publishing a book for the first time

If you are a writer, or a new writer, or are planning to publish a book for the first time, then this article is going to be very useful for you. We have noticed several times that often when new writers plan to publish a book, first of all they are unable to take the right decision by getting trapped between the confusion of highest royalty and cheap budget friendly self publishing plans. Along with this, many times self-publishing publishers attract them with promoted advertisements, such as becoming the next best seller author or getting 100% royalty share, such advertisements confuse the author. In this article, we are going to give you detailed information in this regard.

Always stay away from misleading advertisements

We can understand that getting a book published is a golden opportunity or a big dream for any writer. It can also be said that it is a proud moment for the writer. Presently the self publishing model has made it very easy for every writer to publish a book, but often publishers run advertisements that show the author big dreams, such as becoming a published author in just 7 days or Get 100% royalty or be the next best seller. Writers often get trapped in such misleading advertisements.

Learn from the experiences of previously published authors

Many times publishers advertise such cheap publishing schemes, in which it is very difficult to even recover the cost of book publication, but the author gets trapped in these misleading advertisements. Whereas in reality these dreams are millions of miles away. Many writers have told us their experience that often some publishers politely talk to the writer before booking the package and do not even talk to the writer properly after booking the package. Many times they do not even pick up the phone for many days, nor do they reply to the author’s messages. Then in the end the author feels cheated and sits down exhausted.

In this way, the author’s first book publishing experience remains bad, due to which he starts considering all the publishers as dishonest and deceitful. While this is not true, let us tell you for your information that no reputed or established publisher does this kind of fraud or spoils the reputation of his publishing house just for a thousand or two thousand or a few thousand rupees, because His publishing house does not have to publish only one or fifty to hundred books, because he has to maintain the future of his publishing house. So we would like to advise the authors not to go for very cheap packages, advertisements with big claims and choose the right reputed publisher for your book. Also keep in mind that before publishing the book, the new author should take advantage of their experience by contacting the previously published authors.

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Apart from this, based on the conversation with the authors, we have come to know that many times the publishers tell the author after publishing the book that it is mandatory for you to buy additional author copies, so it is mandatory for you to pay the balance. As we have come to know on the basis of interaction with the authors from other publications that often some publishers make money from the authors in the name of hidden conditions, which they do not disclose to the author till the full amount of the package is deposited, which is Very wrong way of publishers. Due to such cases, the authors lose faith in the publishers and the author is not able to trust other publishers as well.

Find reliable publishers for book publishing

If you are publishing your book for the first time, then you should first choose the budget-friendly as well as the most reliable publisher, who can solve your every curiosity with book publishing. This will give you the experience of book publishing, as well as you will also get to know how many readers your book can reach with your or friends’ efforts. Also, you will be able to know how much your friends or relatives can help in the promotion of your book or what plans you can make in the future for better sales of your book.

The writer should keep in mind the following points

  • Learn about the publisher from whom you want to publish the book on Google or Facebook page and get complete information about it.
  • Visit the official website of the publisher and go through the publication charges details, FAQs carefully.
  • Also note whether the publisher’s website is being operated in a professional manner. Also note that the publisher should have an official website on its own domain. Often some people create a website on a free web hosting platform in the name of publication, which gets closed after a few months.
  • Check out the books published by the publisher and don’t forget to read reviews of authors published through the publisher.
  • Make sure to ask for the details of publication charges including the time taken for publication of the book to be published and the delivery deadline of author’s copies on WhatsApp or e-mail.
  • If the publication house’s compilation is published, then do participate in the shared compilation, so that you can know their working style and the quality of the book.
  • Buy books published by the publisher from Amazon or Flipkart and observe the quality, layout of the book. It is worth noting that often authors avoid buying a book, whereas by purchasing a book they can learn more about the work of the book and the publisher.
  • Read the publisher’s publishing contract carefully and be clear about any doubts or points you don’t understand.
  • Also note that always pay the publication charges to the publisher’s official bank account or payment app only. For example, if the name of the publisher is Prachi Digital Publication, then make sure that their banking name is Prachi Digital Publication or the name of the publisher is also visible in the payment app. There have been frequent incidents with some authors in which some fraud people pretending that they are the owner of the publication, take money from the authors in their personal bank account or payment app in the name of some other publication, and later stop pickup the calls or switch off the phone for a long time.

What is 100% royalties according to most authors?

I have been interacting with writers for a long time, most of whom are angry with publishers for not getting 100% royalty. Recently I was talking to an anonymous writer, he also had the same complaint. In order to solve his problem, I asked him what do you understand by 100% royalty?

The answer given by the anonymous author is possible only in the golden world of dreams. According to the anonymous author 100% royalty is as follows, if the maximum selling price of the author’s book is Rs.100 then the author should get Rs.100 as 100% royalty. Knowing about the imaginary 100% royalty of the anonymous author, I replied to him that not only our publication, no publisher in the world can give you 100% royalty as per your imaginary thinking.

As far as my experience is concerned, most of the authors would have the same imaginary notion regarding 100% royalty, which has been of the anonymous author. Due to many such misconceptions, authors often consider the business of publishers to be unfair or illegal. While self publishing is also a recognized legal business, which is recognized globally like other legal businesses.

What exactly is 100% royalty?

Most of the authors wish to get 100% royalty, that is, if the price of the book is Rs.100, then the author should get Rs.100 as 100% royalty, which is a completely imaginary notion. Want to inform that at present, under the print on demand technology, the copies of the author are printed according to the demand of the readers. Suppose, if an order comes for one copy of your book or an order comes for one thousand or one lakh copies. No extra charge is taken from the author for that, because it is the responsibility of the publisher to fulfill the demand of the readers.

100% royalty is the maximum selling price of the book after deducting print cost, Amazon or Flipkart’s selling fees, distribution, other associate partner’s share, packaging expenses (In case of Amazon or Flipkart, the branded packaging material has to be procured from them at their own cost). i.e. 100% Royalty = Maximum Selling Price – (Printing Cost + Distribution Cost + Ecommerce Charges). Thus 100% royalty is paid by the publisher to the author.

What to choose from high royalty or budget friendly package?

It is also a point to be noted that often writers also take big publishing plans for the greed of high royalty, but after publication, the writer regrets a lot. Also, sometimes authors are attracted by some publishers offering more author’s copies along with higher royalties. It is also worth considering that what will the authors do with too many copies? Will distribute it free of cost to his relatives and friends, due to which the financial loss of the author is certain. Whereas if the author’s friends or readers sympathize with him, they can also order directly from the publisher or eCommerce website. So that the writer does not have to bear much financial loss and the confidence of the writer will also increase.

Avoid the lure of the publisher’s big name

Writers have this misconception that the name of a certain publisher is big, if my book is published in this publication, it will definitely become a best seller or a few thousand books will definitely be sold. While this is just an advertising gimmick and nothing else, because take any publisher, they all have catalogs ranging from hundreds to thousands of books, from which the reader will buy only those books for which he will see an advertisement or promotion. And also note that any publisher will advertise your book after taking a charge, so it is confirmed that it is impossible to sell books unless the author does the groundwork at his level. It can also be said that the publisher can only provide publishing services to the author, cannot guarantee to become a best seller author. The guarantee of becoming a best seller can only be given by the ground work of the author or the promotion and marketing plans prepared by the author.

Often we have heard complaints from writers that I have spent thousands of rupees for a book, but not even a single copy of my book has been sold, while I have taken a package of thousands from a well-known publisher. After failure, the authors again find a new publisher who can make their book a best seller. Which is impossible because no book becomes a best seller by the name of the publisher, but the author’s book becomes a best seller by his own groundwork.

Best publisher for new writers

Keeping in mind the economic condition of the writer, budget friendly publication schemes are provided to the writer by Taneesha Publishers, operated by Prachi Digital Publication. Along with this, every query of the author is also resolved and the author is provided 10% fixed royalty on the maximum sale price. You must be thinking that 10% royalty is very less. First of all, want to tell you that the publishing plans of Taneesha Publishers are so cheap that it can bear the printing cost with world class quality, so that the author can get affordable self publishing plans. While important features like book cover design, book interior layout, book availability on Amazon and Flipkart, lifetime inventory management and publication of author interviews are included in all budget friendly plans powered by Taneesha Publishers. The most important point is that by publishing a book under budget-friendly publishing schemes, authors can also observe the success of their book, due to which their huge investment is saved.

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If after publication author realizes that his book can sell in his name, he can take bigger publishing plans from other publisher at higher royalty, but we always recommend starting with small investment. So that you can have experience of publication. Let us tell you that Taneesha Publishers’ publishing plans start from just ₹ 2,990, which is a budget-friendly plan for every new author. Apart from book publishing, Taneesha Publishers gives right guidance to the author and solves their queries.

The authors who have published their books from Taneesha Publishers so far say that if you want to take care of both your time and money, then get your book published from Taneesha Publishers. It is also noteworthy that Taneesha Publishers are always aware of the printing and binding quality and use A-1 grade paper in the books, which is very much liked by the readers and writers. Many times the author’s books published from other publications get out of stock on the e-commerce website after some time, whereas Taneesha Publishers works on print on demand model so the books of the authors published from here never appear out of stock.

Let us tell you that the main purpose of establishing Taneesha Publishers is that the author can start the journey of book publishing, but the decision to publish the book is yours. From our side only advice and guidance can be given free of cost to the new writer. If you are a new author, best wishes for the publication of your first book and if you are a published author, best wishes in advance for your new book.

If you have any query or question related to book publishing, for which you are not able to find the answer or you are not able to get any satisfactory answer, then you can ask us in the comment box. Our team will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.

Written by Rajender Singh Bisht
(The author belongs to the publishing business and has been in journalism for about ten years before joining the publishing business.)

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