Publisher Branding

Do you want to promote your Publication through us? The main purpose of Buuks2Read throgh Publisher Branding Page is to promote Publishers, for which we do one time nominal charge you.

Do you want to promote your Publication through us? The main purpose of Buuks2Read is to promote Publishers and Authors, for which we do nominal charge you.

Publisher Page

Under this service, our team publishes the details of your publication in an effective way with premium layout. Also note, Buuks2Read uses premium SEO tools and services so that searching for your publication name will show you on the first page of Google with the details of your publication. In addition, your premium publisher page will remain ad-free forever.

₹ 4,500/-

(One TIme Payment)


Ad-free Page

Show your publication premium publisher pages ad-free one year on payment of one time charge.

SEO Ready Page

Show your publication name and description on the top page along with the priority in the search engine.

Publication Details

Show your publication's phone number, e-mail, website link with do-follow link and office address.

Are you ready?

Claim your publishing company's publisher page today and take advantage of Books2Read's premium features.

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