‘Fun with Mathematics’ is a best book to teach maths to kids in a fun way


Book review for fun with mathematics

Author Sumita Bose, while writing the book ‘Fun with Mathematics’, kept in mind that mathematics can be easily explained to children. This effort of her is also being successful. Her efforts are being appreciated by the parents. A short book review is presented on the author’s book in this post.

Book Information’s

Fun With Mathematics
Sumita Bose
Publish on
28 December, 2022

Book Review

Fun With Mathematics” by Sumita Bose is a book that aims to make learning Mathematics more engaging and interactive for children (age 8 to 12 years). It is not a workbook or a textbook, but a fun filled activity book. It contains enjoyable topics like mathe-magic, puzzles, games, amazing facts, optical illusions etc. all based on mathematical concepts but presented in a play way manner.

The content of the book is well-organized, quite engaging and has clear explanations with examples. The author has also presented tricks and shortcuts which are easy to understand and execute for quick calculations. She believes in the equation, Mathematics + Fun = Outstanding Performance. When learning is enjoyable children become interested in the learning process and are motivated to learn more. This book develops that interest and motivation. Apart from helping young minds to explore basic concepts of Mathematics, the book also ensures enough entertainment to keep them engaged and thinking.

About the Author

Sumita Bose is a versatile writer. She has authored several mathematics books, the first autism book as per Indian socio-cultural set up and contributed significantly to science content for educational portals. She is an educator with 25 years of teaching experience. She has won several awards for contribution to education. Her autism book has been placed in India book of records 2016 edition.

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