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Buuks2Read (formerly known as indiBooks) is a leading website providing information about books and authors. Information related to authors’ interviews, book reviews and new old books are published here. Buuks2Read Editorial Team’s effort is to make new published books information / news available to readers directly, so that you do not have to worry too much. It is our endeavor to know that all publishers’ books information /news are here. We observe the book, then publish them with information here. Also provides information about all those stores, where the related book is available, because many times the reader does not have time to look for a book.

Therefore, we publish information about the upcoming book, which gets directly to the reader directly. Along with that, we also publish interviews of new old writers and discuss their books. If you are the author then you can send your book review to us for publication. If your book is newly published, then with a store information, you can send us for free publication.

If you are a publisher or a writer, all of us can take advantage of the services. But if the authors want to promote their own book through us then there is a special discount for them. If any of your books have been published, or any other information you would like to contact us by e-mail buuks2read@gmail.com.

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Prachi Digital Publication is fastest growing self publishers. We offer hassle free self publishing services & distributes books globally. Our aim is to provide the authors high quality literature publication in the least budget, for which we are committed.


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