Interview with Reshel Bretny Fernandes, author of ‘Essays on Collective Topics’


Interview with Reshel Bretny Fernandes, author of ‘Essays on Collective Topics’

Buuks2Read thanks author Reshel Bretny Fernandes for giving his valuable time for the interview. Let us tell you that recently a book ‘‘Essays on Collective Topics’’ by Reshel Bretny Fernandes has been published. Author Reshel Bretny Fernandes born on 30 October 2002 at Surathkal, Mangalore and daughter of Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Nancy (Teachers) is a young writer and orator who has accomplishmemts at International, National State and other level In literary activities.

Also Reshel Bretny Fernandes is an active volunteer in two organizations Disha Bharat and Samartha Bharata. She has been awarded with Rabindranath Tagore literature awards and Bharatiya Sahitya Sanman by Dawn Research and Development Council for literary excellence and few other honours from different organisations. She has more than 150 achievements in literary field. Author Reshel Bretny Fernandes also shared with us the experiences of writing his book during the interview to Buuks2Read. Hope readers will love Reshel’s interview.

Buuks2Read : When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : I had a passion in the field of literary during my childhood days I used to involve into speech events and many others. The zeal to write was within me during the time of childhood itself but when I had completed my 10th board exams I always felt that I should be an author while reading the books of other authors. At my school days are used to have a focus over the non fiction books and historical books which give me a deep sense of writing ability as well as creativity.

After my board exams in 10th standard I had made a diary converting into a book in a traditional style of binding it with the colour papers and are you to write poems and few of the essays to Hindi language. I had told this to one of my family member who had always in a indirect me supported me over the period of time after that I engage myself in many literary activities which give me the courage and strength that I strongly should be a writer and not only that but an author. Is dream of mind through Almighty’s blessings got into reality as I had the interest in this field.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to tell about your published books, so that readers can know more about your books?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : The current work which have written is essays on collective topics which is a non fiction book and it is having nearly 16 essays of different topics and related to different arenas which would give the readers more insights on those topics and it would help them understand those topics in a detailed manner as I have analysed it and I have made use of a lot of examples to write it where The reader should get brief information regarding the topics.

Buuks2Read : How did you become inspired to publish the book or someone inspired you?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : I was always inspired to write a book since my childhood itself by reading other authors that I should also be in that position was my aim. My parents are the great inspiration which has led me into this position of achieving a lot in literary events. Of course Almighty’s blessings is the way that I could publish the book. I thank Disha Bharat and Samartha bharata for supporting me always and I also thank catholic sabha Mangalore Pradesh for being with me always in my literary journey.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to share your experience from writing to publishing process with the our readers?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : The journey from writing to publishing was very fabulous and my publishers Taneesha Publishers have helped me a lot on this regard. I had the collection of my essays which I feel that it requires to be published so that many of them can read it and it can be access to the World so during the time of my leisure I ought to publish it.

Buuks2Read : What has been the toughest criticism you have received as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : I do not believe in any negative aspects as such as we need to balance the criticism and the appreciations with the success and failures in our life god has been always my strength on which I have tried to move further. I feel that I believe in myself that’s the reason you take any criticism as a positive note.

Buuks2Read : What have you found to be most challenging about writing?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : of course writing is a very challenging task as you need to analyse the aspects think deeply about it imagine and then right so putting our mind analysis into words it is not easy task and it requires learning as well as to develop that skill with in yourself. On a topic to write there are many hardships as we need to analyse in a complete manner which takes a lot of time and it requires a lot of patience too.

Buuks2Read : Who among your friends or family or others gave you the most support during the writing of the book?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : As rightly mentioned my greatest support are my parents who have always been along with me for my literary journey. Along with them my family members friends teachers well wishers have all helped me for this success in the literary journey. I also thank Principal, librarian teaching and non teaching staff of SDM Law College Mangalore for supporting me in this journey and helping me out in all ways.

Buuks2Read : What’s the most surprising thing you learned while writing your books?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : The most surprising thing which I learnt is where there is a will there is a way if you have passion and zeal to do it you really can achieve it in any means and all the aspects will be supporting towards your side on that regard.

Buuks2Read : In which genre do you do the most writing? And is it easy to write in this genre?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : I always like writing on non fiction books because it is more on analysis and more on essay type bases. I always like to analyse on different aspects and give my opinion regarding to it and my view point on that so I prefer writing in non fiction and it is very easier to write because you can analyse on certain topics and you can make yourself ready to give your view on it and understand the things easily.

Buuks2Read : What is the most difficult part of writing a book?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : The most difficult part in writing the book I felt is we need to analyse the aspects and the bring it out in such a manner that it becomes very impressive for The reader to read and that is the most difficult part when it comes to the non fiction genre. When it comes to the fiction books it is comparatively much more easier as you are writing your imagination and the stories or any other aspects. Major aspect is you need to have patience in this regard.

Buuks2Read : How long does it take you to write a book?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : The time tenure for writing a book depends on which book you are writing and on which bases you are writing so all the component matters for writing the book maximum 5 months or more than that.

Buuks2Read : What is a special achievement or memorable event in your life that you would like to share with our readers?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : All the events in my life are the more special events the achievements that I have done the failures and the success all remain as a part of my life and I feel more special on all the events. Recently in 2024 I received the prestigious Rabindranath Tagore literature awards by Dawn Research and Development Council which is a very fascinating moment for me and it would be remaining as it was the great award which I received.

Buuks2Read : Every writer has his own ideal, do you also have an ideal writer? And your favorite books that you always love to read?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : I am inspired by every writer because they right with the intention to reach the people or to give their ideas on different aspects, so I consider writer as special and a great writer.

Buuks2Read : Apart from being a writer, what other hobbies do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : I am also into a lot of literary activities along with the even public speaking and many others the most of the part is I am into writing field.

Buuks2Read : Are you planning to write or publish any book in future? If yes! So would you like to tell on which topic or genre the next book will be based?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : I am going to publish a book in a few months and this journey will continue further in my life as I am a young writer at the age of just 21. My next book also will be on non fiction genre will be shortly into publication. As I am a citizen of India my contribution would be in writing at the higher levels and the journey would continue and next book will be something related to India and I feel proud in writing on it and I am not able to disclose the exact title, but I would tell that the book will be with the great impression with the a lot of aspects included which is the need of the time.

Buuks2Read : What important advice would you give a first-time author?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : To the first time author my suggestion would be that while writing we need to ensure that our capability goes into the right direction and not to fear for any aspects but only and with confidence come forward with the strength that will guide us for that.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to continue in the world of writing in the future?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : Yes! Of course, I really love the world of writing and this is my impression of my life. I would continue this further by inspiring a lot of youngsters and all the people by this journey itself.

Buuks2Read : This is the last question, what message do you want to give to your dear well wishers, readers and fans?

Reshel Bretny Fernandes : I would like to tell them is thank you for supporting me in all the step of my life supporting me in my literary journey and I would like to tell them to buy this book and read this book whenever they are free and support me in the all means possible. Also I would like to tell them is I always want their valuable support for this and to help me grow out in this field.

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