Clever Fox Publishing


Clever Fox Publishing

Clever Fox Publishing is India’s fastest-growing end-to-end hybrid book publisher, with an enviable network spread across 150+ countries, 1200+ physical bookstores and a highly-engaged community of 18,000+ members. They have been bringing out diverse literary voices in all Indian languages with a strong focus on Guided Self-Publishing and Hybrid Publishing.

In addition to the trust and goodwill they enjoy, there disruptive 100% royalty, thorough market analysis service, and tie-ups with producers for on-screen adaptations set our high-quality publishing apart.

Key People

Founder: Ranjan Mohapatra

Co-Founder: Praveen Raj

Advantages of Clever Fox Publishing

  • 100% royalty
  • Affordable packages
  • They have two models of publishing, Guided Self-Publishing, and Partnered Publishing. Partnered Publishing is a new model where the author needs to pay 50% of the package cost and claim the spent amount in form of Cashback after targeted sales.
  • Get print, eBook, Interactive eBook, and Audio book options.
  • Cloud printing via our global network of printers
  • Strong Online and Physical store distribution: reach up to 1200+ physical stores in India
  • Global distribution up to 150+ countries
  • Cinematic adaptation support
  • Strong PR team and post-publication team
  • Collaboration with FM and TV platforms

Publisher website :

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