Interview with Shefali Lal, Author of ‘Shine Like a Phoenix’


Buuks2Read thanks author Shefali Lal for giving his valuable time for the interview. Let us tell you that recently a book ‘Shine Like a Phoenix’ by Shefali Lal has been published. Author Shefali Lal also shared with us the experiences of writing his book during the interview to Buuks2Read. Hope readers will love Shefali Lal’s interview.

Interview with Shefali Lal, Author of ‘Shine Like a Phoenix’

Buuks2Read : We would like to thank you for giving us your valuable time for interview. If you introduce yourself in your own words, our respected readers will know more about you.

Shefali Lal : I am 26 yrs old, living with my parents in Delhi. I have completed my graduation and post graduation in Literature.In one line, I have to describe myself that I never give up and believe that never let your wings be stolen by someone.

Buuks2Read : One of your books has been published recently, would you like to tell about it, so that readers can know more about your book?

Shefali Lal : See, it’s my debutant book and to be very honest this is not a book, its a soul. My book “Shine like a Phoenix” talks about the difficulties and challenges faced by women in day to day life, Struggles faced by Transgender community, Struggles faced by today youth being anxious, depressed, hopeless but despite of all these endless problems, They are optimist, resilient, passionate and ready to shine like a moon who has their own light.

Buuks2Read : How did you become inspired to publish the book or someone inspired you?

Shefali Lal : There are lots of dynamic and prolific writers authors, I don’t want to be diplomatic but inspiration where I get to enter in literary field or the people who were driven me to enter in this field were -Rabindra nath Tagore and Maya Angelou.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to share your experience from writing to publishing process with the readers?

Shefali Lal : It’s a very long and awaiting journey. This journey encapsulates ups and downs, struggle with your emotions and feelings doing scuba diving in my mind, but on a positive note, I am grateful all those people, especially editor Tushar Sir (from who motivated me to believe in myself. I finished my book menu script and sent it to them. Then and friendly and supportive team of Taneesha Publishers helped me and made my dream a reality in form of ‘Shine Like A Phoenix’.

Buuks2Read : What is your first created literary work and how did you enter the literary world, tell about it?

Shefali Lal : Before this, I never write two lines of the poem, prose, or story. I come from literature background, so for me literature is something enthralling, mysterious, captivating thing which transcends my soul into another world.

Buuks2Read : In the literary journey so far, any such literary work has been liked the most by the readers, friends and family members?

Shefali Lal : When I was in my second year or third year, There was a novel which was really admirable among my friends, because it’s a very bold and beautiful piece that I ever read. That was The novel “The color purple” by Alice Walker.

Buuks2Read : Who among your friends or family or others gave you the most support during the writing of the book?

Shefali Lal : I came from middle class family where you have complete your education and become the earning member of your family. The day I decided, that I have to write a book my family was surprised literally but My father always supported my dreams and aspirations, because they really believe that in Today’s world equalisation of opportunities between man and woman is a priority.

Buuks2Read : How many achievements / honors have you received from the literary world so far? Would you like to give their information?

Shefali Lal : I never received any achievements and honors related to this field, but I would love to receive in future, Keep my fingers crossed.

Buuks2Read : In which genre do you do the most writing? And is it easy to write in this genre?

Shefali Lal : I am speaking from depth of my heart, I strongly believe in women empowerment, not only believe but I would love to enlivened and enlightened the whole universe with the flame of feminism. For me definition of beauty of a woman lies in her unbeatable confidence and strength. So without any doubt, Again and again I would love to write for god’s beautiful creation.

Buuks2Read : How do you manage time for literary writing?

Shefali Lal : See, I have pursuing my B.Ed. degree from Private college, In my free time, I write short stories and poems, because it’s my passion to have a conversation with my newborn thoughts and ideas. I have a tendency, whenever I learned a new word from internet, immediately I penned down in my poem, story, prose, ballad.

Buuks2Read : Where do you get inspiration for your literary works?

Shefali Lal : I wouldn’t say that solo person is responsible for giving inspiration. Literature is vast and varied. Different writers of different time periods inspire in different ways. Each writer has its own manifestation. William Shakespeare is the king of Romance, on other Christopher Marlowe designated with Father of English tragedy. Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore with vivid descriptions highlights the beauty of Bengal, on the Other hand Playwright Girish karnad show the spectrum of Kannada writings

Buuks2Read : What is a special achievement or memorable event in your life that you would like to share with our readers?

Shefali Lal : As a kid, When I was in guess in 11th grade, My article I was highly appreciated by my English teacher, when she used to read my article in different sections .Before that, she scolded me that you have no idea to write the answers of the questions.

Buuks2Read : Every writer has his own ideal, do you also have an ideal writer? And your favorite books that you always love to read?

Shefali Lal : Definitely yes, Many phenomenal writers and their works really give me goose bumps. I usually don’t tell this but I read around 135 books, but one novel that actually moves me was the novel -Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to say something on the rise of Indian literature?

Shefali Lal : Rise of Indian literature greatly contributed the culture, art, and Arts of Indian society. It also drives many writers especially women writers to break the patriarchal norms of society and enrich the beauty of Indian literature with colors of freedom, liberty, and independence, which was totally unwelcomed few years back

Buuks2Read : Apart from being a writer, what other hobbies do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Shefali Lal : Besides writing, In my leisure time, I would love to listen music, singing, Mimicry, Watching movies especially of 90s eras.

Buuks2Read : Are you planning to write or publish any book in future? If yes! So would you like to tell on which topic or theme the next book will be based?

Shefali Lal : Undoubtedly, I want to go long on this journey, my sole purpose is not earning fame and fortune but what really matters most is to bring a change in society, change which cultivates the mind of people towards progression and development. In future, I would step into the boots of romantic genre because nowadays romantic novels are on the top list of readers.

Buuks2Read : What advice would you give to new writers coming in the world of literature?

Shefali Lal : I am a debutant author even I am also learning many things so I just want to say that all upcoming budding writers that never turned to your irrestible passion towards any thing that you love. I know journey of a writer is not easy, because different readers have different genres of interest, sometimes we never live up to their expectations, but it’s old adage that “Try and Try you will succeed”. Let your emotions and feelings flow, let your imagination runs like a child running in soft meadows, believe in yourself and see what magic will create.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to continue in the world of writing in the future?

Shefali Lal : Absolutely, This is my dream job and I keep on writing till my last breath because sometimes it’s seem impossible for us to express our perception in verbal form, so I think that Pen is the most powerful weapon and writing is the most tenacious job because each and every writer has different perception and style and to put that perception in words is a most thankless duty

Buuks2Read : This is the last question, what message do you want to give to your dear well wishers, readers and fans?

Shefali Lal : Never stop believing in yourself, if you want to fly high then you must put an full stop of being shy. Make yourself capable, that you won’t chase your dreams, but dreams chase you. Make yourself and your family proud.

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