Top 5 Best Self-Publishing House in India


Top 5 Best Self-Publishing House in India

Today there are five to twenty publishing houses in every city, which have their own identity, but in this post we are providing you information about five best self publishing houses. Through which authors can get books self published. Some of these self-publishing houses also provide free publishing service, while some offer best services with premium self-publishing plans.

Pencil Publishing

Pencil is a free publishing platform where authors can publish and distribute your book globally both as paperback and eBook. Pencil provides easy tools to write, design book covers, set prices and distribute your book all under one platform. In addition to this, Pencil’s Reader App helps you build your library on the go, with a wide range of content in different formats and different languages. Discover books, shorts, and book summaries on-the-go with a single app.

यह भी पढ़े- पहली बार पुस्तक प्रकाशन करा रहे हैं तो आपको यह बातें जरूर जाननी चाहिए

Notion Press

Notion Press is an Indian publishing company based in Chennai, India. It was established in 2012. Authors can publish their book free of cost through Notion Press. At the same time, Notion Press also provides premium self-publishing services.

Evincepub Publishing

Evincepub Publishing is an experienced, independent self publishing house. Their head office is located in Bilaspur, Jharkhand. After four successful years, Evincepub are delighted to announce our new journey for Traditional and Partnered Publishing, so that authors can get their books published by traditional or Partnered process also. Books published through print on demand platform of Evincepub Publishing never go out-of-print.

यह भी पढ़ें – Self Published लेखकों के लिए पुस्तक प्रमोशन करने के प्रभावी तरीके (हिंदी में)

Bluerose Publishers

Blue Rose Publishers is a Delhi based self publishing company. As per the latest updates of the company has published 5000+ books under different languages ​​and genres. Blue Rose Publishers is now offering free do-it-yourself publishing services. Apart from English and Hindi, they also publish books in Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, and other regional languages, across a wide variety of genres.

Prachi Digital Publication

Prachi Digital Publication is a self publishing house based in Uttarakhand. They provide premium self publishing services to writers. Here self publishing services are provided to the author along with life time inventory management. Apart from English and Hindi, they also publish books in Gujarati, Marathi and Maithili languages. Through Prachi Digital Publications, authors can publish only paperback books in all genres of fiction and non-fiction.

If you have published your book through any of the above self publishing companies, then you can share your experience with self publishing companies in the comment box.

Note : Buuks2Read does not certify the quality of services of the above Self Publishing Companies. This article is published based on the review of the authors of the above companies on Google.

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Somya Tondon
Somya Tondon
September 25, 2022 5:55 AM

Notion press is best publication house