Paryavaran, Vikas or Mahilaye


Paryavaran, Vikas or Mahilaye

Book Description :

What is the role of women in environmental protection and rural development, it is a matter of public discussion, but history is witness that whenever women have got a chance, they have not been behind men in any field. In Uttarakhand, whether it is ‘Nasha Nahi, Rozgar Do’ movement or the world famous ‘Chipko Andolan’ and whether it is ‘Separate State Movement’, there has been active participation of women in all these movements. Which proves that women are more conscious of protecting their existence rather than a consumerist destructive culture. The rural economy is entirely based on women and the increasing difficulties of supply of grass, fodder leaves and fuel due to decreasing forest area have attracted women towards forest conservation. In the present time, by creating awareness of women for rural development and environmental protection for welfare development, goals can be achieved with their cooperation. The women who kept Uttarakhand alive and did not lag behind even in sacrificing for the formation of the state, but even after the formation of the state, the concern about the future of the children is encouraging them to migrate. In the present book, the contribution and problems of women in social, economic, political and environmental development have been discussed.

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Social and Culture
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October, 2021

About the Author :

Author Dr. Dalip Singh Bisht was born on 2, January 1967 in the village of Tyalni under the development block Devprayag in Tehri district. Prof. (Mrs.) Annapurna Nautiyal, Acharya, Department of Political Science and presently Vice-Chancellor, Central University, Srinagar, after obtaining the education of M.Sc. (Geography), M.A. (Political Science), B.Ed., from H. N. Bahuguna Garhwal University, Srinagar. (Garhwal) received the degree of D. Phil in Political Science in 1999 under the able direction. Dr. Dalip Singh Bisht has presented his research papers in various national/ international seminars. Apart from this, more than six dozen research articles/ articles have been published in various blogs, portals, regional, national and international journals and books. Is a life member of the Indian Political science association and the United Professional and Scholar for Action (UPSA) and has been awarded the Bharat Jyoti Puraskar-2018, Life time golden achievement award-2020. Dr. Dalip Singh Bisht is currently serving as Assistant Professor and Department in-charge in the Department of Political Science, Late Anasuya Prasad Government Post Graduate College, Agastyamuni, Rudraprayag.

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