Tum Meri Jagah Hote


Tum Meri Jagah Hote

I am born in a mountainous state, where the residents have their own problems, some of which are man-made, while some are created by nature. In this poetry collection, a small effort has been made to present the same problems through poetry and also my personal things have been presented. This entire collection is the passion of my heart, in which I have tried to unite the understanding and thoughts of the society in one thread. In this poem compilation, ‘Tum Meri Jagah Hote’ is such a poem which is written after escaping from the mountain. Along with this, ‘Mera Gaon’ is also a similar poem, in which attempts have been made to understand the problems of the hill region. Literature always tries to say difficult things in simple words. We have seen that in both the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, in terms of literature, society describes both good and evil in simple terms. This poetic collection of mine is also a small attempt to explain today’s conditions by becoming a vision of a hill state and society. -Rakesh Mohan Nautiyal ‘Katkani’

Tum Meri Jagah Hote Tum Meri Jagah Hote Tum Meri Jagah Hote

Book Information’s

Rakesh Mohan Nautiyal ‘Katkani’
Publish On
November, 2020

About the Author

Dr. Rakesh Mohan Nautiyal ‘Katkani’, a resident of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, is serving as Assistant Professor in the History Department of Veer Shaheed Kesari Chand Government Post Graduate College, located in Dehradun. The author’s father is late Mr. Ratan Mani Nautiyal and mother is Smt. Kamleshwari Devi. The author has received MA (History), PhD (History), Diploma in Archival Studies (Ministry of Culture, Government of India) etc. academic titles. A book by the author ‘Pauranik Uttarakhand’ has been published. Along With this, 30 research papers and more than 40 articles have been published. Poems and stories written by the author in Hindi and Garhwali languages ​​have been published in many prestigious magazines.


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