Boye Huye Shabd


Boye Huye Shabd

The author has written poems of “Boye Huye Shabd” while on duty in the quarantine camp. All the poems included in the book are the result of 12-13 days of solitary confinement. The second wave of Corona wreaked havoc in the country. Everyone has lost countless close acquaintances or friends or relatives or family members. Many friends of the author have also died due to corona, so its suffering will be clearly visible in the works. But this suffering is universal, not personal. The author says that I have feelings in the poems included in the “Boye Huye Shabd”. But I have tried my best not to let emotions dominate reality. Here in the recent few years new words have been sown by the political and literary society. Today the crops are ready with those Boye Huye Shabd and now it is the turn to reap them. These words have shaken the roots of social harmony, brotherhood, faith, humanity. Through my writings, I have tried not only to proclaim the truth but also to research them.

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August, 2021

About the Author

Born on 31 July 1983 in Sorapania village of Dhaka on the land of Champaran, Rajeev Kumar Jha has been addressing ‘Raju’ among his loved ones and ‘Sir’ among children. After receiving a master’s degree in 2011, Rajeev Kumar Jha is pursuing research in Hindi journalism from B. B. A. University, Muzaffarpur. Presently, he is serving as a language teacher at Mujib Balika Higher Secondary School, Motihari, Bihar. Rajeev also operates Mission Mujib, a program for the free education of poor children. Before serving as a teacher, Rajeev worked as a journalist in Hindustan, Prabhat Khabar, Sarvodaya, Jagriti Times (all Hindi daily), Bihari Khabar, Village Connection, Kuber Times, Kamta Today, North India Times (all weekly), The Light of In Bihar, Seven Days, (monthly) etc., he ran his writing in magazines. But apart from this, Rajeev has always been a poet. Put your feelings, your dreams, your thoughts into words, into verses. This journey is still going on.

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