Dhai Kadam by Rakesh Kumar Srivastava ‘Rahi’


Dhai Kadam by Rakesh Kumar Srivastava 'Rahi'

Summary of the Book

The novel ‘Dhai Kadam’, based on the women’s discourse, underlines the struggle of a woman with fine fibers in her life. The readers get comfortable understanding the deteriorating mental distortions of men and women in today’s society based on the priority of materiality. In this novel, the problems of a struggling student and the mental state in his life are well written. This novel is like a guide for a struggling student and his guardian. Through the characters of the novel, the author warns about the hypocritical babas and social frauds and has a clear opinion.

‘Dhai Kadam’ is an emotional novel threaded in the finer strands of triangular love as well as other relations of society. The main character of the novel “Dhai Kadam” is a woman named Shivangi. She faced the brunt of being a woman, proceeding through various challenges to achieve her goal. Even when she was unaware of the words love and lust, she had to struggle with love and lust in life. Suffering from the psyche prevalent in the society, he liberated himself from his friend and imbibed the principle of ‘Ekla Chalo Re’. When he understood the two and a half steps extended in love, he took his steps towards his friend keeping in view the purity of his identity, but what happens in everyone’s success in life?

This novel tells the story of the struggle to change life direction on the outcome of struggle and success or failure for a woman trapped in the finer strands of psychosis, pseudo-conduct and betrayal spread in today’s social environment. Two and a half steps”.

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Dhai Kadam by Rakesh Kumar Srivastava 'Rahi' Dhai Kadam by Rakesh Kumar Srivastava 'Rahi' Dhai Kadam by Rakesh Kumar Srivastava 'Rahi' Dhai Kadam by Rakesh Kumar Srivastava 'Rahi'

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Rakesh Kumar Srivastava ‘Rahi’
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About the Author

Rakesh Kumar Srivastava ‘Rahi’ is originally from Motihari, Bihar and also runs the famous blog ‘Rakesh Ki Rachnayen’. He has been working in the Indian Railways Mechanical Design Department for the last twenty five years. Apart from this, they have also contributed to the development of Hindi. As a result, he has been awarded various awards at the departmental level. His travelogues, short stories and poems have been published in various national newspapers and magazines. This is his first attempt in the field of novel writing and is presented to all your respected readers. We hope that you will definitely be impressed by his distinctive style of writing. In the characters of this novel you will feel yourself or the person present in your society. The author is completely successful in keeping the pace and mystery of the sequence of events, so that you the reader will want to read this novel without hindrance.

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