Lag Gai Tarikh


Lag Gai Tarikh

‘Lag Gai Tarikh’ is a Masterpiece, successfully compiled journey of 41 years in judicial services guarding the law as an honest warrior reminding none other than Ganga-Putra Bhishma, Breaking the ice & spoken on ironies of system, soft hearted poet Shri Chandrabhal Srivastava, well known by the name of “Sukumar” with over 30 published books & many yet to be published expressed his life events through a blog writing on facebook as a daily series of 200 days, started on auspicious day of MAHASHIVRATRI 4th March 2019 to 19th Sept 2019. His love to literature was by birth, at the age of 12 in year 1962 his work started to get published in leading newspapers & magazines, whereas joined judicial services on 13th May 1975 at District Prayagraj dispensing justice for 30 years at various levels in judgeship across cities followed by 6 years served as District Judge in 5 Districts finally got retired on 31st August 2010 from Same district Prayagraj, depicts completion of a circular journey.

The blog series have amazingly covered both aspects of life literary & Judiciary, touching more or less all experiences and people associated with, mixture of such sweet & bitter memories will promisingly leave a lifetime remembering taste on the tongue of readers. It has got lot of comments & likes and gone viral in very quick time, and why not “Judge Sahab” has been connected with thousands of judicial people and more than that, in literary society, his fan following was at peak and people eagerly waiting for next day expecting and waiting for their names to appear. His art of balancing each life is beyond imagination of a common person, just think a person expressing his views through his poetry in public forum touching all light & hard social aspects, same time sitting on the chair as a Judge deciding all sort of cases. Only a literary person can describe this so beautifully without taking anyone name, taking on task how people take advantage of positions assigned, the rise & fall of Ego.

Lag Gai Tarikh Lag Gai Tarikh

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December, 2020

About the Author

Author Dr. Chandrabhal Sukumar is a former judge and litterateur; So far dozens of books have been published. Compiled compiles in more than two dozen co-compilations, published in major papers and broadcast from various centers of AIR. Awarded / Elaborated by literary, cultural, judicial and social institutions. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra has approved the PhD for “Contemporary Hindi Gazal’s Award for Chandrabal Sukumar”. Founding Chairman of the Sahitiyik Vatika (Tulsi Jayanti, 1984) approved for Kawayani. After retirement of Justice Justice, Allahabad, after the 35 years of service in 2010, the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, 2011, appointed senior judicial member in Lucknow and retired from the post of 2016.

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