Prakash Pandey ‘Banjari’


Prakash Pandey 'Banjari'

Prakash Pandey ‘Banjari’ is a teacher and is very active in writing literature apart from teaching work. The author’s works are published in many magazines as well as in anthologies. It is the endeavor of Prakash Pandey to spread Hindi literature as much as possible, in which he is also achieving success continuously.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth : 10/05/1982

Place of Birth : Banjari, Distt. Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh

Father: Late Pt. Shri Ayodhya Prasad Pandey

Mother: Smt. Sumitra Pandey

Wife: Mrs. Mithilesh Pandey

Son: Rochan Prabhat Pandey ‘Ramji’ and Tarachandra Krantiguru Pandey ‘Shyamji’

Daughter: Mrityunjaya Pandey ‘Ichhashakti’

Education: Post Graduate (Hindi Literature and Sanskrit Literature) and D.P.E.

Profession : Primary Teacher at Government Primary School, Madhya Pradesh

Published works: Published many works in various national and regional newspapers.
Writing Mode: Solo, Poetry, Story, Song, Drama, Essay, Letter Literature, Sketches, Short Story, Memoirs etc.

Activities: Journalism as a freelance journalist in Dainik Shubh-Bharat, Dainik Prachanda Shakti and Dainik Nai Duniya newspaper from May 2005 to July 2013.

Published Books

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