Nikita Singh


Nikita Singh

Nikita Singh is an Indian author and bestselling author of eleven novels, including Every Time It Rains and Like a Love Song. Born in Patna and raised in Indore, Nikita worked in New Delhi for a few years before moving to New York for her MFA in Creative Writing. She has also edited and contributed to an anthology of stories titled 25 Strokes of Kindness.

She has worked with two major publishers, publishing seven books with Penguin Random House and four with HarperCollins Publishers. She lives in Montréal and works for a solar energy company based in Brooklyn, New York.

In 2013, Nikita received the Live India Young Achievers Award. For their 20th anniversary issue in October 2016, Cosmopolitan magazine featured Nikita in their 20 remarkable women in their 20s list. In 2018, she acted as a mentor in the second season of Times of India’s “Write India” contest.

Published Books

  • The Reason is You
  • Every Time It Rains
  • Like a Love Song

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