Dr. Nilambari Ganu


Dr. Nilambari Ganu

Dr Nilambari Ganu is a well-known senior writer in Marathi language. Many books of Dr Nilambari have been published. Dr Nilambari writes in genres like Poetry, Story, Short story, Memoir, Satire, Comic satire, Ghazal, Essay writing, Diary writing etc.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth: May 22, 1959

Father: Basant Gokhale

Mother: Mridula Gokhale

Spouse: Pramod Ganu

Education : B.Com, Masters, Doctorate

Occupation: Housewife, Writer

Writing Genre: Poetry, story, short story, memoir, satire, comic satire, ghazal, essay writing, diary writing etc.

Published Books

  1. Kavya Manjari (Anthology)
  2. Shivyogini (in Marathi, Hindi and English)
  3. Gangajal (Marathi)

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