Deepika Garg


Deepika Garg

Deepika Garg is a teacher, artist, writer and poet, currently working as an assistant teacher in a primary school. Deepika Garg’s compositions have been published in many compilations and also her works are published in many magazines. The author writes in all literary disciplines. Deepika Garg has been honored by many literary institutions for her outstanding literary work.

Mother – Mrs. Premlata Garg

Father – Mr. Jugalkishore Garg

Husband – Mr. Ravindra Kumar Agarwal

Date of Birth – 10/07/1983

Birthplace – Mahoba Uttar Pradesh

Education – B.Sc. MA (Hindi, Arts) B.Ed

Profession – Assistant Teacher, Composite Girls Pre-Secondary School, Uttar Pradesh

Interests Artist, Writer, Poet

Field of Work – Education, Writing, Art, Social Service

Publication Details – Poetry has been published in ‘Atal Hind’ Hindi daily newspaper, Bundelkhand media newspaper.

Achievements Achieved

  • Honor for reciting poetry online on the platform of Innovation Ek Initiative.
  • In January 2019, Honorable MP of Mahoba district received the award of excellent teacher.
  • Award of Outstanding Teacher in February 2019 by Navodaya Kranti Parivar on the soil of Kurukshetra Haryana.
  • First Position in GK Quiz 2019 by Satyamev Jayate USA.

Published Books

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