Interview with Parwez Sheetal, Author of poetry anthology ‘Silent Roselings’


The Buuks2Read team thanks Parwez Sheetal for giving his valuable time for the interview. In the interview, Parwez Sheetal gave information about his literary journey, as well as about his published book. Hope the readers enjoy the interview of Parwez Sheetal. The Buuks2Read team is presenting Parwez Sheetal’s interview for readers. Our team is confident that readers will love this interview.

Interview with Parwez Sheetal Author of poetry anthology Silent Roselings


Buuks2Read : Do you briefly introduce yourself in your own words?

Parwez Sheetal : I am known as Parwez Sheetal in English and Hindi writings and Alam Parwaz in Urdu. I have been published in different literary journals in English, Hindi and Urdu. I am a member of the editorial board of “Uttara” quarterly. My poems have been broadcast from All India Radio Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. I generally write poems (nazm), ghazals, dohe, story, articles etc. At present I am District Secretary of Janwadi Lekhak Sangh, Giridih.

Buuks2Read : Apart from writing, what is your occupation for livelihood?

Parwez Sheetal : I am a teacher in a government upgraded High School at Chhotki Kharagdiha, Bengabad, Giridih in Jharkhand.

Buuks2Read : Tell us something about the your first book?

Parwez Sheetal : “Silent Roselings” is a collection of poems published by Authors Tree Publishing House. It’s a collection of 98 poems.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to tell us about your published books?

Parwez Sheetal : It’s really a proud privilege for me that four eminent personalities have written on my book namely Prof. Dr. Satyapal Anand ( USA), Prof.Dr. Ali Imam Khan, Prof. Subhas Chandra Mishra, Prof. Dr. Rajesh Kumar. I express my flowers of thanks and gratitude to all of them.

Buuks2Read : Where did you get inspiration for book publishing?

Parwez Sheetal : Just because I am a poet so I love to become a published writer. Frankly speaking, the whole team of Prachi Digital publication is a great source of inspiration for me. Of course, I get inspiration from this honest platform.

Buuks2Read : How do you manage time to write a book?

Parwez Sheetal : As you remember the maxim of modern era that “writing writes not writers”. So I also feel an unknown divine pressure to write so there is no question of time management sometimes a writer is also capable of writing in dreams.

Buuks2Read : What is your favorite writing method, in which you do the most writing?

Parwez Sheetal : In Urdu and Hindi writings ghazals, dohe, articles etc in English poems, Haiku etc.

Buuks2Read : When did you start writing and how did your interest in writing begin?

Parwez Sheetal : In Urdu and Hindi writings I have been writing since 1992 and in English I have started almost seventeen years ago.

Buuks2Read : Special achievement in your life, which you would like to share with us and your readers too?

Parwez Sheetal : In 1995 two of my ghazals were selected in TV channel programme Taza Geet Bahar, unfortunately Gulshan Kumar was killed. I have been praised by eminent personalities this is sufficient and above all my readers are my real treasure and achievement.

Buuks2Read : Are you planning to write or publish a book in the present or future?

Parwez Sheetal : Yes, I am planning to publish my Urdu and Hindi writings also in recent future.

Buuks2Read : Want to give a message to your readers and fans?

Parwez Sheetal : Do good and be good. Think good and write good and achieve good.Be truthful and sincere in whatever you write.

Buuks2Read : Every writer has his own Ideal, do you also have an Ideal writer? And your favorite books that you will always want to read?

Parwez Sheetal : In Urdu Ghalib and in English Shakespeare in Hindi Dushyant Kumar. Deewan e Ghalib and Shakespeare’s Sonnet are my favourite ones.

Buuks2Read : Apart from writing, what are your other hobbies, which you like to do in your free time?

Parwez Sheetal : Hidden Social services. I have been doing this since long but I don’t want to bring it to anyone.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to remain in the writing world even in future?

Parwez Sheetal : Certainly yes.

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