Interview with Gurleen Kaur, author of ‘This love feels like’


We thank the authoress Gurleen Kaur, who has given time for interview to Buuks2Read recently. A book by the authoress ‘This love feels like‘ has been published. Readers can buy their books from Amazon and Flipkart. The Buuks2Read team is presenting Gurleen’s interview for readers. Our team is confident that readers will love this interview.

Interview with Gurleen Kaur, author of 'This love feels like'

Buuks2Read : Do you briefly introduce yourself in your own words?

Gurleen Kaur : Hello, I am Gurleen Kaur, An enthusiastic writer from Delhi. I am currently pursuing my graduation in Tourism Studies. I have always liked to try and learn new things in my life. I am blessed with an extremely supportive family. My parents always encourage me to do more in life, and I am thankful to them for always believing in me and for helping me in making my dreams come true.

Buuks2Read : Tell us something about the your first book?

Gurleen Kaur : My first book was an anthology book “Love in the days of corona” in which I worked as co-author, published under Unvoiced Hearts Publication. It’s very special for me as it introduced me with my passion for writing and opened the way for lots of big opportunities for me.

Buuks2Read : Tell us about your recently published book?

Gurleen Kaur : “This love feels like” is my recently published book. It is published under Notion Press Publishing. It’s a story told through poetry and will definitely make you feel special and dream about your true and beautiful love.

Buuks2Read : Where did you get inspiration for book publishing?

Gurleen Kaur : I love to express myself through words and everything that happens around me that inspires me to write and to make it publish.

Buuks2Read : How do you manage time to write a book?

Gurleen Kaur : There is no fixed time for me to write but I always try my best to write more and always look around myself for the wonderful and best ideas.

Buuks2Read : What is your favorite writing method, in which you do the most writing?

Gurleen Kaur : I like to write poetries and stories on romance.

Buuks2Read : When did you start writing and how did your interest in writing begin?

Gurleen Kaur : I started my journey in the world of writing in 2020 with an Anthology. After that, I started working for more anthologies, slowly gaining my interest and experience and I started enjoying writing.

Interview with Gurleen Kaur, author of 'This love feels like'

Buuks2Read : Special achievement in your life, which you would like to share with us and your readers too?

Gurleen Kaur : The day, my solo book got published. I was the happiest person in the world on that day.

Buuks2Read : Are you planning to write or publish a book in the present or future?

Gurleen Kaur : A big Yes, I am looking ahead to write and share lots of beautiful stories with the readers and I can’t wait to get published again soon.

Buuks2Read : Want to give a message to your readers and fans?

Gurleen Kaur : Just be true to yourself and believe in yourself with your dreams and one day, you will definitely reach success but never give up on your dreams because you don’t know where your future and destiny will take you.

Buuks2Read : Every writer has his own Ideal, do you also have an Ideal writer or writer? And your favorite books that you will always want to read?

Gurleen Kaur : I love reading books by Ravinder Singh. He is my favorite romance writer and my ideal. His book “Your dreams are mine now” is my favorite and I want to read “Think like a Monk” by Jay Shetty and “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.

Buuks2Read : Apart from writing, what are your other hobbies, which you like to do in your free time?

Gurleen Kaur : Apart from writing, I love to read my favorite books and painting.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to remain in the writing world even in future?

Gurleen Kaur : It has become my passion now and I enjoy writing the most so yes, I would like to remain in the world of writing in future.

About the Author’s Book

Interview with Gurleen Kaur, author of 'This love feels like'

This is a poetry book that takes you all to the journey of a girl who feels and dreams about her perfect love. Her first meeting with him, becoming friends, spending time together, expressing the feelings, proposal, romantic moments, fight, the long distance in the relationship and in the end, staying together forever.

Interview with Gurleen Kaur, author of 'This love feels like'

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Man Hayer
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