Interview with Ali Ashhar, author of poetry anthology ‘Mirror of Emotions’


The Buuks2Read team thanks Ali Ashhar for giving his valuable time for the interview. In the interview, Ali Ashhar gave information about his literary journey, as well as about his published book. Hope the readers enjoy the interview of Ali Ashhar. The Buuks2Read team is presenting Ali Ashhar’s interview for readers. Our team is confident that readers will love this interview.

Interview with Ali Ashhar, author of poetry anthology 'Mirror of Emotions'

Buuks2Read : Do you briefly introduce yourself in your own words?

Ali Ashhar : I am an inquisitive person seeking answers to the question called life. Well, that makes me resort to writing. I write for literary journals and newspapers as well. I am the author of poetry collection, Mirror of Emotions.

Buuks2Read : Tell us something about the your first book?

Ali Ashhar : It is a poetry collection dealing with all that life encounters us with, but things that needs to be addressed in today’s world are definitely mental health and healing which makes the most part of my book.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to tell us about your published books?

Ali Ashhar : Mirror of Emotions is my debut book.

Buuks2Read : Where did you get inspiration for book publishing?

Ali Ashhar : Well, it was all about following my dream of becoming an author—an idea to compile the miscellaneous collection of poems inspired from my journey, experiences and inquisitiveness that inspired me to write and portray my art over the years believing what beauty words have always possessed to touch our souls.

Buuks2Read : How do you manage time to write a book?

Ali Ashhar : I dedicate all my free time to writing mostly. As I pursue writing as my passion, I am always into it be it writing a book or writing for literary journals or newspapers.

Buuks2Read : What is your favorite writing method, in which you do the most writing?

Ali Ashhar : To me getting ideas is utmost important and I try putting it in words in different ways. There is no one favorite method.

Buuks2Read : When did you start writing and how did your interest in writing begin?

Ali Ashhar : My writing stint during my college days as a Literature student. I pursued Literature as my passion. Driving inspiration from poets and writers I read during my BA classes; I started writing. I began with writing quotes and then poetry and later during the lockdown in 2020, I got sufficient time to explore my creativity. My first poem was published in an anthology during lockdown.

Buuks2Read : Special achievement in your life, which you would like to share with us and your readers too?

Ali Ashhar : Making myself established as an author and seeing the smile on my parent’s face because of that was certainly one of the greatest achievements for me. Within a month of release of my book in June 2021; I won three awards: Elite Book Awards, India Prime Author Awards and Indian Awaz Awards. I won one more literary award later that year. Apart from that I got many of my poems and articles published in international journals in the UK, the USA, Canada and some other countries.

Buuks2Read : Are you planning to write or publish a book in the present or future?

Ali Ashhar : Definitely, I am working on my next poetry collection with crucial topics to be addressed.

Buuks2Read : Want to give a message to your readers and fans?

Ali Ashhar : We are all unique in our own way. Believe in yourself and never let anyone dictate your vision of life. Always follow your passion and try to do good with whatever privilege life has given you and good will always come back to you.

Buuks2Read : Every writer has his own Ideal, do you also have an Ideal writer or writer? And your favorite books that you will always want to read?

Ali Ashhar : I don’t have any particular ideal writer. I learn from every writer and try to inculcate the good.

Buuks2Read : Apart from writing, what are your other hobbies, which you like to do in your free time?

Ali Ashhar : I am a great football enthusiast. Apart from it, I love exploring nature.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to remain in the writing world even in future?

Ali Ashhar : Yeah, I want to pursue writing as long as I breathe. I want to give my very best to Indian Literature in this life.

About the Ali Ashhar’s Book ‘Mirror of Emotions’

Mirror of Emotions is a collection of several poems miscellaneously depicting what a peculiar journey life is. A melange of tales laden with unfathomed hues of sentiments that shall make your inquisitive heart delve in disentangling the intricacies fate encounters you with.

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