An Interview with Deepak Kumar, Author of A journey : Steps to Success

An Interview with Deepak Kumar, Author of A journey : Steps to Success

Buuks2Read : Do you briefly introduce yourself in your own words?

Deepak Kumar :  My Name is Deepak Kumar Pandey from Bangalore. Basically , I am from uttar Pradesh Lucknow.

Buuks2Read : When was your first book published?

Deepak Kumar : My first Book Published on 6th Sep 2018.

Buuks2Read : Tell us something about the first book?

Deepak Kumar : SoIn month of September ,From all tough time, Finally time came to smile and I released my first book “A journey : Steps to success” on 6-Sep-2018. My book successfully delivered in more than 13 cities in India and USA also.

If I talk about in the poem . My Latest Piece in poem is “ONLINE WALA PYAR”

Poem Link :

Buuks2Read : Will you share the publication experiences?

Deepak Kumar : Yes, Ofcourse ! My publication experiences was very nice and they are very much helpful and they are very supportive. when I thought of writing a book till then I was not much aware of book publishing but they had guided me in each and every steps. It was a pretty good experience for me…

Buuks2Read : How many books have been published so far?

Deepak Kumar : So I have published only one book “A journey : Steps to Success” and participated in 3 anthology where my poems are selected and published.

Buuks2Read : How do you manage time to write a book?

Deepak Kumar : Since , for writing is not any task which I have to complete it with given deadline or any specific time-schedule. It’s my passion and what I feel passion rolls in mind all the time. when I am free, I used to write. I have not scheduled any specific time for writing.

Buuks2Read : Who is your Ideal Writer? Would you like to share his name with our readers?

Deepak Kumar : My Ideal writer is Robert. T. Kiyosaki and I had read his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Buuks2Read : The greatest achievement of your life that you want to share with our readers?

Deepak Kumar : My greatest achievement is only my writing skills through which I have achieved so many things in my life. I had performed in Talent show platform Nojoto open mic. My Poem got selected in as well. I have delivered my published book in 13 cities in India and U.S.A as well.

Buuks2Read : How did publishers collaborate and experience in the book publication journey?

Deepak Kumar : Earlier, I was writing my daily life like some happy moments, some challenging days, or sad time when was unable to manage anything and later I started to write Quote / shayri . But A few years ago I started to listen Poems and that was big time for me to turn into a professional writer. Before that it was just a hidden dream inside me and even I was not much aware of it. When I was in my college I used to write my daily life and I had never thought that i will be a Author in coming time. So people were very much shocked when I revealed my first book releasing date. So I am going to share my story that how I made myself from a normal boy into Author. One day I was checking some book in E-commerce site and all of sudden I started thinking about book publishing and stared research on it. I had searched so many online Publisher website and I had requested one call back from Publisher and soon I got call back . Mr. xxx was on call, who helped me a lot to make my Dream into Reality. I hope people don’t know that interesting story about me.

Buuks2Read : Would you like to tell such an incident of your life which has inspired you and is also inspiring for readers?

Deepak Kumar : My  heart said to me : “I want to be a writer!” From my childhood I am very much fond of two things, one is reading books and second I like to travel to a new city. when I joined my College at that time I started to write some shayari and and later when I read “Questions are the Answer” by Allen Pledge. I was so motivated myself, after that I read so many motivational books. This was the time when I changed a lot in terms of the way of thinking, Imagination. I started to make my dream list and so and so. I thought that I will try to write my autobiography and started research on it. How to publish a book? As searched on Google and  I had requested call back to my publisher and One of the team members from my publisher called and informed me the complete procedure to publish a book. Finally I have started working on my First Book. After so many efforts and with the help of my Publication we decided to release my book on 6-Sep-2018.

Buuks2Read : Want to give a message to your readers and fans?

Deepak Kumar : I am Currently working on my Next Book . It’s Hindi Version of my first released book (“A journey: Steps to success”) What I believe that if you are already published your book and working on your upcoming book, so reader always matters. Thank you, so much amazing love and support, from all readers and my fan following. Their love, support, feedback about your book makes you more motivated to write your next book.
When I published my first book “A Journey: Steps to success”. I got so many lovely response and support from my friends, colleagues, family. My book successfully delivered in more than 13 cities in India. I got so many requests from North India that Kindly publish this book in Hindi language also.

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